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Characteristics and performance of power frequency UPS power supply


Power frequency machine single in single out UPS power supply has broken through the UPS industry technical bottleneck, with advanced digital circuit system to replace the traditional analog circuit, to achieve extraordinary innovation. In digital circuit mode, high speed microcontroller and PROGRAMMABLE logic devices are more perfect for circuit control, parameter setting and operation management, and more powerful for self-detection and self-detection. The whole-course sampling technology is not only beneficial to the self-test and fault analysis of all independent circuit connections on the circuit board, but also can be converted into extremely pure and stable sinusoidal voltage by digital conversion to ensure the super-stable operation of the system.

The power frequency UPS power supply has introduced the advanced intelligent battery management system, which can automatically adjust the battery charging current parameters according to the user's battery configuration, and carry out the battery charging floating conversion, temperature compensation charging and discharge management according to the power supply environment. Full digital control technology is adopted to realize redundant function of multiple UPS in parallel.

Power frequency UPS power supply high precision SMD technology MD series has changed the traditional plug-in circuit processing technology, all adopt high precision SMD technology, not only save space, but also completely eliminate the thorn in the traditional UPS circuit, which is convenient to improve the safe operation of integrated circuit, and improve the reliability and operation accuracy.