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How to divide the frequency UPS power supply and high frequency UPS power supply?


Colloquially speaking, is contains the inverter output transformer UPS called power frequency machine, there is no inverter output transformer UPS power supply is high-frequency machine. The high frequency machine usually USES IGBT to carry on the high frequency switch rectification, simultaneously completes the power factor correction function. But the power frequency machine all USES the thyristor to carry on the full control bridge rectification, has the great harmonic pollution to the power grid. High-frequency UPS power supply because there is no output transformer, save resources, reduce weight, improve efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection model, is also the trend of development. The world's major UPS manufacturers are rolling out high-power HIGH-FREQUENCY machines.

Different definitions

High frequency machine: high frequency switching technology is used to replace the UPS power supply of power frequency transformer in rectifier and inverter with high frequency switching elements. Commonly known as high frequency machine, high frequency machine is small in size and high in efficiency.

Power frequency machine: the UPS power supply with power frequency transformer as rectifier and inverter components is commonly known as power frequency machine. It is mainly characterized by stable and reliable main power components, strong overload capacity, strong anti-impact and anti-interference ability, and strong load capacity.

(2) High frequency UPS power supply without isolation transformer, its output zero line exists high frequency current, mainly from the power grid harmonic interference, UPS rectifier and high frequency inverter pulsating current, load harmonic interference, its interference voltage is not only high and difficult to eliminate. The output zero-ground voltage of power frequency UPS power supply is lower, and there is no high-frequency component, which is more important for the communication security of computer network.

(3) HIGH-FREQUENCY UPS power small volume, light weight, low price for a single point of small power equipment protection, interference is not sensitive equipment and reliability requirements are not very high occasions. The power frequency machine is suitable for all equipment protection, no matter it is dot equipment or IDC (data center), with high reliability, but the power frequency machine has the disadvantages of large volume, heavy weight and high price.

Power frequency UPS power supply using silicon controlled rectifier, inverter need through the transformer boost to normal power supply, so there is output isolation transformer, so the volume is also relatively large, suitable for high-power power supply. High frequency UPS power supply using IGBT rectification and inverter, no output transformer boost, so there is no output isolation transformer, so the volume is relatively small, suitable for small power supply use.